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Role - Art Direction
Copywriter - Micheal Brandes
Creative Directors - Jason Kreher, Freddie Powell
Designers - Corey Bade, Dave Hagen

We mixed two road trip technologies into one - The GPS Cassette.  The durability and portability of a cassette, combined with the sophisticated GPS directions in the voice of Colonel Sanders along one specific route in the south, because that's just how it works if you make a GPS Cassette. OK?

My Nashville Hot Chicken will tickle your mouth’s keys.

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I can’t wait to view all the exciting things the future holds from my new permanent seat at the #KentuckySpeedway.

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Inspired by the ever growing number of inflatable yard decorations that fill America's lawns during the holidays we created the world's inflatable KFC franchise and held a grand opening in Portland's "living room", handing out inflatable drumsticks strapped with gift cards for fried chicken to passers-by.

Role - Art Director   
Copywriter  - Shaine Edwards, Micheal Brandes
Creative Director - Heather Ryder, Jason Kreher
Designer - Corey Bade

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To support the launch of the Super Bowl TV spot with Jim Gaffigan as the Colonel, we created an 8bit video game in which the Colonel fights himself. http://www.colonelfightmare.com/