Colonel Sanders had a history of making records. With the return of Nashville Hot Chicken it made sense to continue his legacy and cut a record with a respected musician and comedian like Fred Armisen to embody the colonel's spirit for this Nashville inspired release. We then shipped a limited quantity of lathe-cut records to several record stores around the country for vinyl lovers to seek out in a willy wonka style hunt. Check it out here -


Role - Art Director   

Copywriter  - Micheal Brandes 

Creative Director - Eric Baldwin, Jason Kreher

Designers - Dave Hagen, Corey Bade, Rob Mumford

Illustration - Church of Type

  The Packaging  

The Music

Fred Armisen - Wrote and Performed the music

 C-O-L-O-N-E-L - Recorded and Mixed by:  Geoff Sanoff / James Yost at Resevoir Studios NYC

Nashville-Centric Boogie - Recorded and Mixed by: Dave Trumfio / Rob Duffy at 64Sound / Chateau Trumfio,  pedal steel by Paul Brainard

Lyrics - Fred Armisen, Micheal Brandes, Lloyd Winter