Spy Magazine


Wieden+Kennedy's publishing group partnered up with Esquire to relaunch a special edition of the legendary satirical mag Spy. I was part of a creative team that generated a new politically satirical ad for the publication every day for the the final two months of the 2016 Presidential Election. See em all here. As a team, the roles where truly blurred, and we all wrote, designed, and art directed the shit out of each other's ideas. The pace was brisk, and the odds were high. I'm truly sorry we failed the country. 


Creative Team - Me, Micheal Brandes, Caitlin Alexander, Adam Crouch, Karen Zack

Design Team - Deirdre Mahon, Abby Marten, Michelle Konar,  Miyu Shirotsuka

Creative Leadership - Richard Turley, Mark Fitzloff, Jason Kreher, Colleen DeCourcey.