How do you explain the disembodied, mechanical torso of Colonel Sanders? With the acronym H.A.R.L.A.N.D. -  Human Assisted Robotic Linguistic Animatronic Networked Device. A drive thru robot that uses voice recognition software to translate the voice of a KFC drive thru employee into Colonel Sanders' voice. A truly spiritual, technological new way to order chicken. Worked with W+K Lodge to develop, design and build this prototype of human cybernetic transformation, using 3D printing and AI. Worked with Funny Or Die to tell it's glorious story.


Creative Team - Grant Thomas, Eric Baldwin, Jason Kreher, Freddie Powell,  Micheal Brandes, Me

Design Team - Max Folley, Nate Horstmann, Manxue Wang, Zhao He

We partnered with Funny Or Die to do the hard work of bringing this robot Colonel Sanders' story to life, in a short documentary.