Album Art

Colonel Sanders had a history of making records. With the return of Nashville Hot Chicken it made sense to continue his legacy and cut a record with a respected musician and comedian like Fred Armisen to embody the colonel's spirit for this Nashville inspired release. We then shipped a limited quantity of lathe-cut records to several record stores around the country for vinyl lovers to seek out in a willy wonka style hunt. Check it out here - www.nashvillehotrecord.com

Role - Art Director   
Copywriter  - Micheal Brandes
Creative Director - Eric Baldwin, Jason Kreher
Designers - Dave Hagen, Corey Bade, Rob Mumford
Illustration - Church of Type

Fred Armisen - Wrote and Performed the music

 C-O-L-O-N-E-L - Recorded and Mixed by:  Geoff Sanoff / James Yost at Resevoir Studios NYC

Nashville-Centric Boogie - Recorded and Mixed by: Dave Trumfio / Rob Duffy at 64Sound / Chateau Trumfio,  pedal steel by Paul Brainard

Lyrics - Fred Armisen, Micheal Brandes, Lloyd Winter

An ongoing series of album art designed for Horse Feathers, a band formed by my fellow Idahoan, Justin Ringle. Our relationship began in college, and has persisted on both a professional, and personal level throughout the years. A friendship that lead to great opportunity with a dream client - Kill Rock Stars


Illustration re-mix for cassette anthology.


Collab with Steve Denekas for The Pynnacles


Illustrations for the album The Eternal Return by Darkest Hour. 
Themes are loosely based on ideas of migration, energy, tradition, and duality.


Design of Finn Riggins album VS WILDERNESS. Two worlds in one when flipped upside down.

Design for Finn Riggins - A Soldier, A Saint, An Ocean Explorer. Outside and inside combine like Voltron to make one image.