Design, and illustration of a mascot for Village Home, an alternative school in Portland, Beaverton and Salem.  


Worked with John Jay at W+K Garage to illustrate a striking logomark to go with the wordmark they had created for a new grocery store by the former CEO of New Seasons. The challenge was to create an intricate mark using only the stripes of a zebra, that could be used both large and small. The solution was a full zebra for large applications and just the head and neck for smaller applications.


A print for a group show called Go Skate PDX designed to raise funds for the Powell skatepark in Portland.

A dense illustration of flora and fauna used across branding, signage and packaging for Blackbird Farm

Illustration for Portland's Own to raise funds for Big Brothers Big Sisters.


 I was asked to take a script for LAUNCH and bring it to life in a mural that could then be panned through and animated for a video. The 3rd grader inside me was loosing his mind to be working on something with NASA involved - though sad I did not meet any astronauts. 
Art Direction - Chris Thurman       Clients - Nike, NASA, USAID, US STATE DEPT

My contribution to an awesome art show called Ride On PDX put on by Megabolt.

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17 copy.jpg

Worked with Sandstrom in an effort to redesign Yakima's entire line of product packaging. 5 illustrations would be used across several hundred packaging sizes, with each illustration communicating the recreational outdoor category each product fell into: biking, camping, water, snow and waves.

My piece for a group show called Portland as Fuck at Compound, curated by Scrappers